Sushmitha Diwakar
Country Director USA

Certified Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agile Leader, Masters degree in Computer Science. LEAD Business Program at Stanford Business School (Executive Education). Head of Engagement at DePalma Studios LLC. Working with clients on strategises and building successful business models & products. She specializes in the human-centered approach to designing and building custom software.

Based in Nashville, TN , She is a travel enthusiast with a love for outdoors. 

Her primary goal is to increase efficiency and communication within organizations.

'Change Management has to begin at the executive level. It is an important aspect to help the managers move away from micromanaging their teams, and instead create an energetic atmosphere that will enable creativity and innovation within the organization. Providing courage, candor, and empowerment with an opportunity to prove caliber'.

She is passionate about creating forums for women education, leadership skills and networking opportunities with like-minded professionals. Creating an opening for early stage women mentorship and opportunities awareness.